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The bakery is the hub of our business! Bread includes a 100% sourdough range, a semi sourdough range with a small percentage of bakers yeast and a Gluten Free range. Within each of these three types there is also lots of variety, which you can see here! In addition, a whole range of other ‘real food’ is baked including cakes, fresh sweet and savory muffins, date scones to die for and other savoury items such as breakfast frittatas, vegetable calzones and homemade sausage rolls and pies using our local “Erindale Farm Meat”

Sourdough bread is good for you! It is low GI and highly nutritious. Our bread is made over a 3 day period and does not have artificial yeast added to it. The longer fermentation time of sourdough bread changes the protein and gluten, making the bread more readily digestible. Sourdough is really a misnomer. It refers to the “mother” or starter used to ferment the dough, but does not mean the bread tastes sharp or vinegary – in fact it tastes delicious! Do you want to know more about what sourdough bread is and what makes it not only taste so great, but healthy for you?? Click here for the Health Benefits, or read our Frequently Asked Questions

At The Good Loaf we try to accommodate for many people and their specific food requirements, for example all our bread is dairy free and egg free. We have a honey glaze on most of our fruit loaves but if people pre-order we will happily make it without and therefore make it a vegan product. We do have some gluten free and other vegan items on our cafe menu. Hopefully we have what you are looking for.

The Good Loaf retails and wholesales products within Bendigo and across Victoria. Click here for more information.

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